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Monica Ruth has the experience and expertise in the following services:
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Intuitive Vibration Energy Reading.

If you are looking for someone to predict the future, then I am not for you. My purpose is to give you a glimpse of the Divine Mind that is not constrained by time. During this session whether in person via phone or email, as I tap into your vibration and energy, information is received and shared. This information can create movement and action for a better future.

Collective readings: This is done in a group setting not to exceed 15 individuals per group. I will use oracle cards and tap into the vibration and energy of those present in group. Insight will be shared collectively with the group.

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A past life reading will give you the gift that further the spirit's quest for consciousness. Viewing past lives can help us gain understanding about certain blocks, or fears in this life time. While cleaning up any issues carried over from other life time.

DRUM THERAPY for groups

Drum therapy taps into all layers of the human being. Repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness. Drum therapy is a holistic approach and profound healing will take place. During drum therapy intuitive messages are received and shared with group.

Spiritual Cleansing and blessing of your home of negative energy.

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